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The main idea of our company’s guidance is to work on the principles of socially responsible business, and to contribute to community development and environmental protection. In support of this, the implemented standards are EN ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Our strongest strengths are human resources, and the growth of human capital and well-regulated working environment is a precondition that provides the best service and services to our customers.




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RM Company production

Our PJ production has successfully produced working and protective suits for wide use for four years. We have a wide range of models that we can adapt to you and your needs.

Work and protective clothing

RM Company is a representative and distributor of the world’s best companies that produce work and protective clothing. Work and protective suits are functional and comfortable design, and are made of high quality materials according to European standards.

Working and protective gloves

Working and protective gloves protect the basic tool and tool during work, which are hands. Today it is possible to protect itself from mechanical, chemical, biological, temperature, radiological and ionizing dangers.

Working and protective footwear

During work in different working environments it is necessary to provide adequate foot protection. In our wide assortment, we offer modern work shoes and protective shoes and boots of pleasant design, which, in addition to physical and chemical protection, are adapted to a multitude of smooth working tasks in various work environments.

Equipment for working at altitude

Many years of experience in sales, education and technical inspection of special equipment for working at altitude. We distribute Kratos Safety products, and our certified staff performs a visual and technical inspection of Kratos Safety equipment for our clients.

Climbing equipment

During many years of successful work in the field of protection and security, in 2017. During many years of successful work in the field of protection and security, in 2017.

Protection of the head, face and hearing

One of the most important categories in human protection is the protection of the head, face, vision and hearing. Quality equipment from MSA Safety will guarantee safety during work in unsuccessful work environments.

Protection of the respiratory organs

We have a large selection of respirators, masks and half mask that protect you in day-to-day work at inconvenient sites where large concentrations of harmful substances, gases, etc. are prevailing.


RM Company d.o.o. – General Representative of the renowned company Mapa Professionnel for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina

RM Company performs its business in the field of working and protective equipment over the past 10 years. Through continuous development and aspiration to improve the quality of its... read more

RM Company d.o.o. with EN ISO environmental and quality management systems

New 2017. year, we are getting better and more ready for new challenges. From December 2016. we are proud bearers of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. For those slightly less... read more

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